Thursday, December 27, 2012

Let's Make It Better

A number: 2012 wouldn't think turning that last digit into a 3 would make that much of a difference, but it does. It's about those thoughts that kept you awake 'till there was no point in sleeping, about those memories that burned so bright you're scared you'll never get that again, the lessons that made you build and break...and, finally, how to make it better.

Better is a funny word, though. It implies actually knowing what "better" means...and finding out how to make it fit around your life without losing the imperfections that make it beautiful. Or, you know, just stopping yourself from sticking a big fat "I NEVER CARED ANYWAY!" sticker on it before shoving it into a folder...preferably one you'll never have to look at when you pay the bills.

So, in an attempt to find that "better" and make resolutions that will build rather than break, I've put together a list of things that make me...happy. If life is a quest for happiness, then shouldn't those things that make you happiest be stepping stones to finding out what you want?

20 Things I Love & Counting...

1. Dancing: Crazy, stupid, I-don't-have-a-care-in-the-world, give me a hairbrush (do people even do that anymore? I saw it in Raise Your Voice a long time ago and tried it, but it just didn't seem right), drown-out-the-world but Oh, God! don't let anyone else see dancing. 
2. Smiling & Laughing: Two things, I know, but what's better than the first leading to the next? 
3. Shocking: Nothing mean, just unexpected. There's something beautiful about just doing what you want and acting all nonchalant when your friends and family don't expect it.
4. Listening to Music: My sister put me on the One Direction train this Christmas....Hated them, started loving them, never going back. 
5. Funny-Stupid Things That Make You Smile: For example, this song:

Listen to it. Now picture him singing this to a cupcake...
pretty cute, huh? Haven't been able to see it any other way since the day I read it in a comment. 
6. Conversations 'Till The AM: Simply the best. 
7. Writing Songs: I should probably add "About Past Relationships" (I blame Taylor Swift - Except I kind of love her, so don't be too harsh). 
8. Singing: In the shower, in the store when there's no one else shopping (because who buys vegetables at 8:00pm?), with a guitar, it's simply amazing. 
9. Breakfast at Midnight: My sister and I have this ritual of whenever I get back home, we have a midnight snack on the kitchen floor together....
Chairs are completely overrated. 
10. Popcorn at the Movies: Just...yeah, there are no words. 
11. Sleeping: Possibly the most amazing, overlooked thing. I love my bed. 
12. Sparkly Dresses: I was bought the moment my friend screamed at me to try one on because she "wanted to live through me" (a joke, of course - but needless to say, I was hooked). 
13. Listening and Talking: People have the craziest stories and I absolutely love hearing them. 
14. Sun-Bathing: Sunlight is beautiful - beautiful, and warm. (This love includes beaches). 
15. Halvah Bars: If you've never had one, try it - it's absolutely amazing. Like, worth-the-extra-5-pounds-in-luggage-weight going back to England amazing. 
16. Health: Anything health-related fascinates me. Simple as that. 
17. My Cottage: Summer or winter, it's my heaven. 
18. Family and Friends: Another combination, but they kind of all bundle up together. Moments mean little without those special people to share them. It's simple: I love them. 
19. Exercise: Running, especially, and core workouts (I will have abs some day!).
20. Writing: Being able to put something into words is the hardest but most rewarding challenge.

That was my list of "20 Things I Love & Counting"...what kind of things would be on yours? As the New Year rolls in, so will the resolutions accompanying it. I've had a fabulous, completely life-changing year...

Now here's to finding out how to make 2013 even better. 



  1. Great list. Those are all fantastic things. I would add "the high of your choice" too something like that. Mostly because I prefer the number 21 to 20.

  2. Thank you :) And I hadn't thought of that - what a great idea. I'll admit, it started out as "19 Things I Love" ...that is, before I realised I had forgotten "writing" O_o I'll look into adding that!

  3. I love how friends and family are near the bottom... nice to know where we fit in -sniff- ;)

    1. Right where you belong ;)
      But yaaa...No, I really ought to put these in order.