Friday, June 17, 2011

Modern Heroes

Sculpted body, mysterious eyes, foreign laughter you can't help wanting to join…It's the first day of your senior year, and the Modern Day Hero has just stepped into the blue, locker-lined hall. Somehow, even the fluorescent lights agree with his skin, casting a halo around him like he's an angel stepped straight into the realm of High School. He stops, hovering just inches from your mortal world, and time stands still as everything outside his contour blurs. You catch your breath—he's looking right at you.

Pause! Before fast-forwarding into your future life together, conjure those brain cells and think for a second—this angel didn't walk out of heaven. Flashback: grade seven, year 2006. Now do you remember that guy, the one you picked on in class because he was so fat? No, doesn't ring a bell? He just disappeared; didn't even make the cut for the yearbook pictures, the trademark of a nobody….Well, it's funny how things have a habit of turning up when least expected. Funny how, just as he's about to walk back into your life, he keeps on walking right by it. Sorry, girl, looks like you missed out. But while he's still close, why not take a moment to list a Modern Day Hero's qualities?

• He's even better than Edward Cullen: Who wants a vampire stalker when they have a drop-dead gorgeous angel? Besides, angels don't need those tedious security restrictions—they give out eternal life policies.
• He has a double identity: What's better than two in one? Student during the day, Demon Hunter at night; a life of adrenaline rushes and duty to save earth's humanity. This guy is the real deal, but no one even knows it.
• He puts David Beckham to shame: Without. Even. Trying. He has the classic looks, the crooked smile and lean, athletic body. Heck, for all we know, he was born that way.
• He's mysterious: Filled to the rim with deep dark secrets, always ready to dodge questions about his past with clever riddles. Not one person, for the life of them, can possibly guess their answers--that's how educated he is (he travelled the world twice and speaks three languages fluently, one near extinct). Then, suddenly, a shy, smart girl voices her opinion and solves them. The only question is, will she be his salvation?
• He falls for the shy girl: She just happens to be the prettiest one as well. Finally, he confesses all of his soul's sins to her (even divine heroes have troubled pasts). The ultimate moment of vulnerability follows, and he's surprised when she says she still loves him.
• He's Mr. Misunderstood: He has occasional temper tantrums, and has a tendency to hurt those closest to him, especially Shy Girl, which she quickly finds out. In the end, though, he's always forgiven: who can blame a hero for falling prey to insecurities?
• He'll never exist: No matter how much readers may wish it weren't true, the Modern Day Hero belongs to the realm of fantasy. He will never walk off the page and dazzle you with his worldly tales and complex vocabulary. His imperfections are too perfect—no guy like that exists.

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